Trip to Boston
Trip to Boston

Exploring Boston

Seattle Sum-Up

So, I… er… um… kinda blew off blogging the last couple of days we were in Seattle. to be honest, I pretty much did everything that was interesting in the first few days, and was just kinda hanging around the hotel by the end of the week, except for my trip to the Seattle Art [...]

Seattle; Day 5
Seattle; Day 5

So today; the weather ~seemed to be holding nice, so I headed over to Madrona to check out a little shop I’d heard of called

Seattle; Day 4

So today, I had intended to head over to Queen Anne to explore, but the guy at the front desk convinced me to try going up to Capitol Hill instead, which turned out to be (mostly) a bust; but I did get to go down and see the underground ‘bus corridor’ that Seattle has, which [...]

Seattle; Day 3

So; I had to return the rental car from yesterday at noon today. Before I did though, I took the opportunity to run out and pick up a new suitcase and a rolling laptop bag; so that we wouldn’t have to juggle two bags on the way back with the laptops. After all that running [...]

Seattle; Day 2

We had a lot of fun exploring some of the outskirts of Seattle in our rental car today. First we headed over to see the Fremont Troll. It was coming down pretty hard (atleast for this Californian girl) but the troll was under the bridge, so hey; no worries there. Next we headed over to [...]

Seattle; Day 1

Yay! We’re in Seattle. Arrived yesterday, and we got in early enough to take in some sights at }{Pike’s Place Market. Today, we’re going to rent a car and drive around the more far flung areas. Should be fun. The hotel we’re staying at is pretty nice, and very convenient to downtown areas, and we [...]

Woot! We’re taking a trip to Seattle! :-)

Mr. Man is going up to Seattle at the end of the month for work, so I’m going with him. It should be a blast! I haven’t been to Seattle in like, eleven years or so. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to go see… Pike Place Market is a definite, obviously, [...]