A glimpse in to the madness associated with our adventure in kitchen remodeling.

The Umpteenth Kitchen Update; Now with 85% more complete-y-ness.

I have to tell you, it is so, soooooooooo nice to have a functional kitchen again. Here are some pictures of what we’ve been up to: Don and I installing the Cork Underlayment: Starting to lay down the Linoleum (Not Vinyl!): The Finished Floor: (still needs a threshold, so ignore the seam) Next the Stone [...]

A Kitchen update in Pictures

Because I’m too tired/busy to do a commentary…

Yet another Kitchen Update

We’ve been making some (very!) visible progress the last couple of weeks, yay! With the colors chosen – we were able to go ahead and start painting – which is exactly what we did. I am so excited about getting the rest of the house painted now, seeing how well this color turned out. Here’s [...]

Kitchen Remodel Update

It’s been a while since my last update – mostly because I’ve been too busy DOING the work to POST about it. lol. We’ve managed to accomplish a lot and it’s FINALLY starting to look like the end might be in sight. Here are some pics of what we’ve been up to. First, we passed [...]

Another Kitchen Update, huzzah!

So it’s been a busy week or so at Casa de Del. We finally decided to go with a plumber to get the gas line installed, and so far, it seems like they did a pretty good job – although we’ll see for sure after the inspection. Reserving judgment until then. Here’s the end result; [...]

Pictures of the kitchen

So here they are – as promised! Pictures of the kitchen. So far, we’ve: A) Tore out the old flooring and cabinets B) Removed the wall that was between the Kitchen and the Living room C) Reinforced the joists with sheer walling to offset some of the loss of support D) Replaced said wall with [...]