Life with a Teen

From Zero to Grounded in 10 minutes flat

I’ve always been a somewhat strict parent. Perhaps overcompensating for my mother not really being around very much in my formative years. Or perhaps just my being wound a little bit tighter – or maybe because… well, actually there are probably atleast a dozen reasons why I’m strict. But I don’t really want to psychoanalyze [...]

Why I’m voting No on CA Proposition 4.

I’m not pro-abortion. As Obama said in the last debate, No one is pro-abortion. I believe in education and prevention. I also believe that no one can understand all the ramifications of a woman considering an abortion, except the woman considering one – and while even she may question her judgment later, everyone needs to [...]

Grrr… Placement testing and Middle Schools

Sooooo incredibly frustrated today (and yesterday too, actually). So; when my daughter and I went to her school to pick up her schedule prior to school beginning, we were a tad dismayed that they didn’t have her schedule ready. Especially considering there were only a few days until school started to get it sorted out. [...]

Accents for teh kiddle’s room

Spent the day working on a little flair for teh daughter’s bedroom. I purchased these photo storage boxes at Michael’s a while back for like $4.00, and thought they’d look super cute if I added some fabric and ribbon to them. I already had the fabric – leftovers for making her message boards (I’ll post [...]

The nicest room in the house (currently)

So here it is: the only room in the house even close to being done. I still need to hang up the art work and the new blinds – and the curtains are in the process of being hemmed so they’re MIA at the moment. But it gives you some idea of how it’s shaping [...]

My daughter has a birthday coming up in a few months…

And I’m thinking of trying to get her a dress made like this: (I know, excuse the lame drawing… you get the idea…) I’m thinking a vintage-50′s-swing style dress. Something suitable for a growing young lady (re: Modest!), but also fun enough that she’d feel hip and cool in it. I have to learn to [...]