Pretty Pictures

Stow Lake

The weather was perfectly gorgeous yesterday, so after Mr. Man finished up with his daily grind, I kidnapped him and dragged him out to the Golden Gate Park for an evening stroll. We wandered around Stow Lake Waterfall for a while where I was able to take some really nice pictures. Unfortunately, after about 30 [...]

Friday Night on Treasure Island

We stopped off on our way home the other night to catch this gorgeous sight of the city skyline with the clouds coming in. It was such a cool sight. Unfortunately, my camera didn’t really do it justice, but you can get some of the idea.


 I was over at Trader Joe’s the other day just before they opened, and got a little chuckle out of this. Thought I would share.

Pretty Flowers

So I was driving to go grab some coffee while waiting for my kiddo, when what do I happen to see by the side of the road in Golden Gate Park but this absolutely gorgeous flowering tree. Well, of course I had to stop and snap off a couple of pictures of it. Now, I [...]