I thought my little bacon experiment was bad…

So as I continue with my little bacon fascination, I’ve started looking around on the intertubes, seeing what other fun (and crazy) things other people have come up with to do with that crispy porky goodness that is bacon. I saw many things that were clever, and many things that inspired me, but I dare [...]

The Palin Debate Flow Chart

Saw this on The Atlantic – Daily Dish and thought it was pretty funny.

Biden/Palin Debate Drinking Game

Every time anyone says “Maverick”. Drink. Every time anyone says “here’s the bottom line”. Drink. Every time anyone uses a colloquialism for the middle class*, Drink.           *Such as (but not limited to) Soccer mom, Joe sixpack Anytime someone speaks in absolutes (Right, Evil, etc…) Drink. Okay – so – I know this is heavy [...]

A video so odd, terrible and disturbing it’s wrapped back around in to ossmness. I came across this youtube video, and for some reason, I find it disturbing and hilarious all at the same time. Mr. Man and I have been quoting it to each other all day! LOL

Del Goes to South Park!

  Sweeeeeeeeet! A really cute, easy to use interface, if you haven’t, consider checking them out. I took my picture and added a couple of elements to make it a little more ‘me’.  

My new web 2.0 addiction…

The other night I was hanging out by myself on the computer because I wasn’t quite sleepy yet – when of course I get sucked in to a long conversation with an old friend I hadn’t spoken to in some time. Three or so hours later, I realize that it’s three or four a.m. in [...]