The Busy-ness that nommed my blogging

The Busy-ness that nommed my blogging

When life hands you busyness – the only thing you can really do is chin up and knuckle down. This last month has just completely kicked my you-know-what. I swear we’ve run from one event or emergency to another the entire time. Between sports events, games, Mr. Man’s work shtuff, and then a less-than-a-week notice that my mother was coming up for a visit, the month of October has just flown by. It’s been productive, but man I’m looking forward to a break.

I’m not even sure where to begin – well, actually, that is not entirely true. I suppose it started when I opened my mouth – something I’ve been known to do entirely too frequently. The details are fairly personal, but suffice to say that there was someone in my group of friends who was aggravating me, and had been aggravating me for a while. I had been trying really hard not to say anything about it, but you know – I’m not a Saint, and eventually I just couldn’t take anymore and I wrote The Email That Started The Discussion. Sadly, the end result of that discussion is that this person is no longer my friend. Happily, given my levels of frustration with her, it didn’t really bother me too awful much. Unfortunately – dealing with that situation probably nommed up most of the first week of October.

Then we had an All-Weekend Sports event that we had to deal with for Miss Thing – which ended up with us having a pretty good time at an Amusement Park for one of those days, but was definitely full of busyness and drain-y-ness. (Only slightly related fact: Batter Fried Oreos with Vanilla Ice Cream is like taking a little trip to heaven.)

We had ONE down weekend, and then just as we were starting to feel normal and human again, we get a call from my mother telling us that she’s going to be up to visit the following weekend. Which was enough to send me in to something of a panic as I began a near week long extravaganza of cleaning up, organizing, and GTTFD. (Getting things the … done) What did I do? Well – the picture up above is of one of the corners of the den. Prior to the weekend before my mom’s visit, this area had been a dumping ground of half unpacked boxes and misc junk.

It was probably my corner of shame in an otherwise decent(ish) house. Unfortunately, I don’t really have any before pictures, which makes me very sad. But my friends can attest to the fact that it was bad. When we were discussing it at Samhain someone said ‘yeah, did you see the pics of Del’s fireplace?’ and I kid you not, a friend of mine who’s been to my house several times turned to me and said “You have a fireplace?”

So I managed to tear all those boxes out of there, unpack a bunch of things, put things away, take three huge car loads of stuff to donate to the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop, paint, buy a cabinet and some shelves from Ikea, badger Mr. Man in to hanging said shelves and assembling said cabinet, all before my mother arrived. Yes, I was a basket case that weekend. Yes, I put in 18+ hour days getting it done. But gosh darn it, it was done before she arrived and it looks fabulous.

Den 02

Then my mother arrives. I wish I could say that it went very well, but I’ll have to settle for “As well as could be expected.” It was at times frustrating, stressful, good, bad, educational, and over all – simply exhausting. What can I say? We have a complicated relationship.

Anyways, shortly after her visit, I discovered that I was going to need another Root Canal (booo!). I’d been having some severe aching pain for several days, and still didn’t have a dentist after all the aggravation from the beginning of the month. (See here). Given that I was in serious pain, I decided to compromise on my dentist criteria and settle for “Is Not Sears or Smilecare and Can See Me ASAP”. The gods must have felt sorry for me because they led me to a dentist who could see me the next day, and was willing to refer me out to get my root canal done the following day. Still not as relaxing as I would have hoped after my mother’s visit, but I feel good about getting some progress done there as well. I still have a lot more work to do – and now I have another crown to get as well. But atleast it’s progress of a sort.

The only downside to the quick turn around of my root canal, is that I had to have it on the same day that the circle I belong to was having our Samhain ritual. If it had been any other time, I might have bowed out. I was in a fair amount of pain. But it had been a rough month, for all of us, and I am quite simply, so incredibly glad that I went. Everyone was able to attend – the first time the entire group had been together in quite a while. It was probably the most deep and spiritual ritual I’ve been in for a long time, and I felt so loved and blessed to be a part of it. I think we all needed that moment together, to reconnect and share. I know I did – and I’m so grateful to have them in my life.

So yeah – long story short (I know – too late, right?) busyness nommed my October. But hopefully things will be better now.

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