Green Bean and Corn Salad

Green Bean and Corn Salad

I can’t really believe how busy the last couple of weeks have been – and the next couple aren’t looking much better (again). Vet appointments, doctor appointments, running around, sports stuff, fund raisers, parent nights, yadda yadda yadda. It has just been crazy. I’m so ready for a break it’s not even funny – unfortunately, it’s probably going to be a while. To that end, I think I’m going to suspend (hopefully) temporarily the weekly box updates in favor of concentrating on getting recipes posted and just sprinkle in life stuff amongst the daisies… Which makes me sad, but until things settle down a little bit again, it’s probably for the best.

Blanched Green Beans

But as if all that wasn’t enough to keep us frantically running around, things at Mr. Man’s work have busied up – a project he was involved in had the deadline moved up, and it’s thrown a teeny monkey wrench in everyone’s plans, so he’s been super busy and working some long hours… Oh! And the Disqus Comments system that I was using on the website decided to bork – and we had to disable it. So comments should work again … yay. I don’t think I’ll be reenabling Disqus even if we do figure out what is wrong with it though – it wasn’t terribly user friendly. Hopefully we can port over the old comments as we part ways with Disqus. We’re still not sure what we’re going to use to replace Disqus – I’m sure it will be a process as we work on getting the kinks out.

Corn Zipper

Anyways, although the busy has kept me off the computer and out of Photoshop, I did have a few spare moments to whip up this little salad for dinner the other night – and it gave me the opportunity to use the new Corn Zipper I’d picked up a few weeks back. I’d bought it because, although I’m a ginormous corn on the cob fan – the last few times I’ve served up some corn on the cob, Mr. Man has grabbed a knife and cut the corn off the cob. Which creates a huuuuuuuge mess all over the table. So I picked up this gadget to try out and it actually does a pretty decent job. It still sprays juice a little bit, but the corn kernals don’t go popping off and flying as much – which is definitely an improvement over a knife. (Plus, it has a smiley face – what’s not to love about that?)

Mixing Green Bean Corn Salad

Unlike the last time I made a corn salad, this time I happened to have grilled corn – one of the fringe benefits of the Heap-Big grilling session I had Mr. Man do recently (along with grilled beets and carrots that I used here). Although I think if I’d had fresh corn, it would have been equally good in this salad. This recipe kind of fell together when I had received my most recent FFTY box and realized that I still had some green beans left from the previous weeks box… and that a couple of the tomatoes that I’d just received absolutely had to be used that day. I saw the corn in the fridge – and a lightbulb went off in my head, spawning this little love child. Knowing that the remaining days of fresh tomatoes this season are numbered – I’ve been trying to use them fresh, rather than cooking them, so a salad seemed like the perfect plan. This made a fair amount, but I had quite a few veggies to use up. It’s actually hearty enough to be a meal unto itself – and is vegetarian to boot. Although I’ll own up and admit that we served it with a side of steak.

Green Bean Corn Salad 01


  • 2 cups Green Beans, trimmed and snapped in to 2″ lengths
  • 2 cups Grilled or Fresh Corn
  • 2 cups Chopped Tomatoes
  • 4 oz Mozzarella di Bufala (or other fresh mozzarella); cut in to 1/4″ cubes
  • 3 cloves Garlic; minced
  • 2 tbs Good Quality Olive Oil
  • 1 tbs Brown Rice Wine Vinegar
  • Kosher Salt


  • Blanch the green beans in well-salted water until tender-crisp (or desired tenderness). Approximately 2-3 minutes depending on preference
  • Transfer green beans to an ice bath to stop cooking
  • Drain and pat dry
  • Stir all ingredients together and add Kosher Salt to taste
  • Serve Immediately

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