Second week in September, new FFTY Box and Kitteh Mews

Second week in September, new FFTY Box and Kitteh Mews

What a week! It has been crazy busy lately – lots of running around, doctors appointments, shuttling Miss Thing and just general busy-busy-busyness. I honestly can’t believe it’s a new week already. It just seems like it went by too fast. Part of that is the whole back-to-school-and-fall-sports thing, and part of it I think is just me. I’m just not sure where all the time went! Seems like one day it’s Tuesday, and then the next we’re back around to Monday again.


So what have I been doing in the kitchen all week? Well – We’ve had several fairly simple meals… and on Saturday Mr. Man did a ginormous grilling session for me – including lamb spareribs, Grilled Corn, eggplant, carrots and beets. Poor guy was out there from like five in the evening until ten at night. But it was sooooo worth it. Everything he grilled turned out excellent. I also made a tomato soup – which while delicious, I unfortunately backslid a little bit and didn’t really take measurements when making – so I can’t post about it. :-(


My plan is to (hopefully) find time to trek out to a farmer’s market this week. I meant to go this weekend, but I did a little sleep-catching-up-on Saturday (I didn’t wake up until like one or two in the afternoon) and then on Sunday instead of going to one of the other local farmer’s markets, I ended up heading over to the Solano Stroll in Berkeley for the street fair. Which was fun, but exhausting and crowded. I’d hoped to try out some fun street food, but unfortunately the best option that I found was a corndog, which was yummy – but not particularly innovative. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough, though.


So what do I want from the farmer’s market with all this produce laying around the house? Well – I know I just did a huge canning session of tomatoes – but I can’t help myself. I’m a tomato fiend. So I wanted to pick up some more tomatoes – and this time roast them with some other veggies, some olive oil, etc… and stick it in the freezer. I know – I know. I don’t have a lot of space in the freezer… but I’m hoping I can find room for a couple ziplocs full of tomatoes…. Wish me luck!


Anyhow – I’m still really enjoying the late season tomatoes – although I’m less than thrilled at the return of Chard… I’m kidding, I actually was happy to see some green leafy veggies – since it gave me the opportunity to make up a batch of Pesto, which I haven’t done in a while. The raspberries unfortunately did not survive the unpacking process, being completely devoured within a few minutes of this picture taking… And the watermelon was taken care of that night as well. Next time we get watermelon I’m going to do what I did this time – which is slice it up and stick it in the fridge. It was much more convenient to have it all sliced up and ready for snacking. The musk melon I gave to our neighbors though, blergh. I hate when they forget to leave our exclusions out.

Now it’s time for a next segment… “This week in Kitteh Mews” Brought to you by Grabby (also known as Miss Thing).

Grabby Gots Me!

Leeroy and Jenkins have had another busy week. Aside from their near-daily photoshoots, they’ve also been diligently spending much time on their grooming regiment (generally about five minutes a week – hey, their time is valuable!) nap time has been up ten percent this past week, although we’ve also seen an increase in daily Cat-isthenics. Incidents of food-robbing from the counter have taken a decided down-turn, probably helped by the fact that better food control procedures have been implemented.

Jenkins Pink Feather and ChairLeeroy and Pink Feathersjenkins and pink feather 01

A new super villain has been making the rounds, the media has been calling him “The Pink Feathery Thingy”. Both Leeroy and Jenkins have made several attempts to capture and/or destroy it – unfortunately, just as they believe they’ve gotten the upper hand, it somehow manages to elude them. More details to follow next time.

Jenkins is Not AmusedLeeroy on the Scratcher SquareJenkins on AlertLeeroy on the Scratcher

In completely unrelated news – there’s evidence that grooming hasn’t taken the complete downturn that we thought – pictures show that there has been some grooming activity this week. Although reporters were able to find pictures of this rare occurence… water baths were dispensed over the weekend to allay citizen concerns that the kittehs were carrying around miniature litter boxes with them – kittehs were shocked and dismayed that the public did not believe they were able to groom themselves without immersion in water.

Leeroy Licking Paw

Okay – I think I’ve tapped out my creativity, so I’ll drop the ‘news caster’ speak and just finish the update. Leeroy and Jenkins have a vet appointment this week, they’re going to get tested for FeLV and get their shots – it took me a little longer to get them an appointment than I thought. My clinic sez that the technician appointments apparently fill up faster than the vet appointments. Not a big deal – they’re going in this week, so it should be all good.

Leeroy and His PawsJenkins on the ScratcherLeeroy Clawing

Last little tidbit before I have to run to go get ready for my dentist appointment – and that is, a few people have asked me how I’m able to get such great pictures of Leeroy and Jenkins – so here are the little tidbits of that has worked well for me with regards to pet photography:

  • Be patient
  • Take pictures during the day, with lots of natural light (when possible)
  • Don’t use Flash if you can at all avoid it
  • Be Patient
  • Try to take pictures shortly after they’ve just eaten (works best with a set feeding schedule, not so much with free-grazing)
  • Take lots and lots and lots and lots of pictures – for every 30 pictures or so – I usually get 1-2 good ones. Ish. If I’m lucky.
  • Get down on the floor, at their level. Crawl around.
  • Be patient
  • Do lots of post-picture production work in imaging software of your choice – I like to do a layer with a gaussian blur and blend it with either Soft Light or Overlay at about 50%, depending on the picture
  • Use the fastest speed you can for the light level you’re in – cats move quickly – and you’d probably be surprised at how many of my rejects are images with blurry white or black blobs in them.
  • Oh – and Be Patient

Leeroy Curled PawLeeroy Jenkins TonguesJenkins on Paw

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