Identify the Mystery Bean!

Identify the Mystery Bean!

At the farmer’s market, I picked up a couple pounds of beans from one of the vendors. Unfortunately, she was not able to tell me what they are actually called, and simply said that they were similar to a black eyed pea. I’ve scoured through some of my favorite places to try and locate a name for them, but so far have come up dry, so I thought I’d see what my readers have to say about it. The pods appear to be fairly immature, overall – and the divisions between the individual beans are fairly pronounced. Most of them aren’t very large – if they were, I’d have probably had an easier time identifying them. Anyone have a name they could put to it for me? I’ve talked about my love affair with fresh beans before – (see here and here) so I couldn’t resist buying them even without knowing for sure what they are. Miss Thing and I spent the better part of an evening shelling them. And, in spite of missing their name, they promise to be quite tasty.

Mystery Beans

Update: Thanks to a Chow forum member, the mystery beans have been as y0ung Pigeon Peas. Thanks to everyone for their help!

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  1. hmm…looks kinda like very immature edamame/soybean but still quite different…what a mystery!

  2. Are they soybeans?

  3. soybeans weird soybeans

  4. Sugarsnap peas?

  5. I'd say soybeans.. they have them in so many different varieties nowadays, and I'm thinking this is just one of them ;)

  6. maybe broadbeans? :)

  7. Hi! I saw your peas on foodgawker, and I thought maybe they could be young crowder peas? They're more pebble shaped than black-eyed peas, but I think they're in the same family. I've never seen green ones, though, they're usually kind of brownish. Another thing they could be is purple hull peas, which look like a greener version of black-eyed pea with a sweeter flavor.

  8. Thanks everyone for your help! I've updated the post with their name and will try to post a recipe using them asap!


  9. Thanks everyone for your help! I’ve updated the post. :-)

  10. i don't think they're purple hull peas, i have an entire bag in my living room that my grandmother left. and the outside is brown, and the inside peas are straight up black/purple. It might be a variation? but im unsure..

    as long as they're yummy who cares right?!

  11. The mystery bean is call pigeon peas it is grown in Trinidad and Tobago and some of the other caribbean countries.HERE IS A TIP WHEN COOKING ADD COCONUT MILK.

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