First week in September, new FFTY Box and Kitteh Mews

First week in September, new FFTY Box and Kitteh Mews

Well – it’s official. My computer monitor, which has been getting a little flakey latey, has begun to actually DIE. It had developed a red bar on the left side of the screen – which, while annoying, I could live with… but about a week and a half ago or so, the right side of the monitor developed a very annoying and distracting flicker. So I pestered Mr. Man until he did a boat-load of research to help me with getting a new monitor, and it will hopefully be arriving soon.

FFTY 090309 Pic 2

Fortunately, my backup monitor – I have two on my desk, best upgrade handsdown that you can give yourself is a bigger, or second monitor, is still functioning. And in honor of new-monitor-dom, we purchased a color calibration tool called Eye-One Display 2. We used it to calibrate my backup monitor while waiting for my new monitor, and its hard to believe it’s the same monitor I’ve been using for the last couple of years, because it looks sp much better. It was a good investment for us because in addition to my two monitors, Mr. Man has his two work laptops and monitor, plus Miss Thing’s computer… Well, let’s just say we’ve got a lot of screens… lol But it is a little spendy. But anyways, the new monitor should be arriving tomorrow – yay! Atleast thats what UPS tracking seems to indicate… *crossing fingers*. Which means I should probably clean my desk, huh? blergh

FFTY 090309 Pic 3

Weekly FFTY box post ran a little late this week because on Saturday, I went to the farmer’s market and purchased 60 pounds (yes, 60 POUNDS) of tomatoes to can – which took me about 16 hours to peel, pack, and boil. Most of them are whole – I ended up with 13 quarts (well, fifteen – if you count the two that failed to seal that I threw in the freezer) and 6 pints of Spicy Salsa. (I’ll try to post about it later…) Then on Sunday, I realized that 13 quarts of tomatoes, six pints of salsa and the extra jars I purchased for said marathon canning spree would not fit in the pantry unless I did some rejiggering – so on Sunday I spent the day cleaning out, organizing, condensing, etc… the Pantry. Plus side, (aside from actually being able to find stuff) is that I was able to get everything off the floor of the pantry and the pantry step ladder so that I can actually – you know – USE the Step Ladder… Shocker, I know.

FFTY 090309 Pic 4

Miss Thing had a busy weekend, too – she had three friends spend the night – although it was only supposed to be two. She invited a third person because she thought the second person wouldn’t be able to come, but then the second person was able to come, and we ended up with three. I was less than thrilled, but she had a good time. Her and her friends had a great time swimming and listening to music and harassing teh grownups and all that jazz. I even managed to get them to hold still for me to take a couple of pictures for Miss Thing to have, which was nice.

FFTY 090309 Pic 5

I’m not sure what I’m going to make with all this weeks produce – I used the peaches and nectarines in a bread pudding that I’ll try and post a little later, and I used the sweet peppers in the Spicy Salsa I canned on Saturday. I sliced the fennel up very thinly and used it in a salad – which I really liked, but Miss-I-Hate-Fennel-Thing was less than thrilled… And I have some vague ideas for the beets – but I really need to come up with something good for the figs. The last few weeks we’ve received figs I’ve had a hard time coming up with something interesting to do with them, and searching for recipes almost invariably brings up some sort of fig-and-goat cheese mixture, which I love – but I’d really like to mix it up a bit. I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Knowing my luck, I’ll come up with something amazing… just before figs go out of season. :-/

But anyhow, I’m sure it will be a great week. Moving on to one of my favorite parts of the weekly update… KITTEH MEWS! :-)

Jenkins Huggin PurpleFB Leeroy Ears Back

Leeroy and Jenkins have had a very busy week – they’ve had several photoshoots, terrorized each other, shredded a scratcher, jumped up on the counters, figured out how to open my clothing closet door, and have in general … been little demons. But they’ve also signed up for a twitter account where they have been unleashed on the vast animal twittering masses. They will post the occassional picture that didn’t quite make the cut for my blog, as well little daily tidbits and whatnots. If you’re interested in seeing more – feel free to follow them here: RoyandJenks.  (LeeroyJenkins was, sadly – taken).

Jenkins NommingLeeroy looking under the couch

In addition to their many other activities, Leeroy has become a little bit of a bully, and will sometimes take something from Jenkins that he was playing with, or try to steal his food. We’ve been discouraging the latter by keeping the seperate at feeding time – but I admit to being amused by the former, even if it’s not very nice.  We noticed the behaviour to ‘guard’ a toy first with this crinkly ball. When we first brought it home – Leeroy was immediately fascinated and went to great lengths to keep it away from Jenkins and from us. Of course, he didn’t growl at us – but he did at Jenkins. Jenkins is much more retiring of the two, most of the time, so when Leeroy growls at him about something he backs off – whether it’s food or a toy (which is why we’re keeping an eye on them while eating – Jenkins got a couple of pretty light meals there before we realized what was going on).

Leeroy and Crinkle Ball 01Leeroy and Crinkle Ball 02Leeroy and Crinkle Ball 03

But Leeroy is so adorable with this crinkly ball – he will chase it for hours, carry it around in his mouth. If he hears you crinkle it, he’ll drop whatever he’s doing and run over to you – he’s gotten it stuck underneath the entertainment center more frequently than I can count and is just ridiculously adorable with it. We did notice Jenkins take one the other night and play a little keep away from Leeroy, so I think they’re working out the toy-playing situation… one way or another. In general, Jenkins tends to favor the fluffy, feathery type of toys anyways.

Jenkins and the Purple Feathers 05Jenkins and the Purple Feathers 04Jenkins and the Purple Feathers 03Jenkins and the Purple Feathers 02Jenkins and the Purple Feathers 01

Leeroy will play with the feather on a string type of toys for a little while – but Jenkins simply goes nuts for them. He will jump all over them and chase them for a while – however, he does get bored. So if you use the same feather on a string too often, he’ll end up getting bored. I’ve found it best to keep several varieties laying around. Switching off toys every couple of days seems to do the trick. Although after examining the toys – I think next time I want to mix things up, I’ll just go to Michaels’ and buy some feathers and make some myself, because after buying (and having Jenkins destroy) several of these whojiggers I’ve realized that they look ridiculously simple to make.

Leeroy ReachingLeeroy BRAINSJenkins Solemnly SwearsLeeroy Sitting Up under chair

On the health front – the gastro-intestinal difficulties have cleared up, thank goodness – as has the sniffles. I’m a little concerned that Leeroy might have ear mites, but since they both need to go in for a couple of shots and a FeLV and FIV test, it shouldn’t be a big deal, I’ll just ask them to look at his ears then. They had a sibling test negative for FeLV and FIV, but it doesn’t hurt to be sure, so we’re going to go ahead and get the test anyways. They’ve pretty much adjusted to the twice a day feeding schedule – although they are still waking me up earlier than I would really like on the weekends. They’ve also both been sleeping with us lately – Jenkins has decided to take up a sleeping post at the foot of the bed, by my feet – and Leeroy tends to alternate between squarely on my lower back or just above my head, depending on his mood. :-)

Leeroy Under Yer ChairzFB Jenkins TagLeeroy Perch

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