Last Week in August, New FFTY Box & Kitteh Mews

Last Week in August, New FFTY Box & Kitteh Mews

What a week – I can’t believe this is the last week of Summer Vacation. I’m so sad. Having Miss Thing around has it’s ups and downs, but atleast there’s the fringe benefit of not having to shuttle her around as much during the summer. ;-) I’m kidding – I really like having her home, and I’ll be sad to see her go back to school. Speaking of back to school, guess who put off the remaining back to school shopping until the Friday before back to school? If you guessed me – you’d be correct. :-| I’m not quite sure how it happened – but this entire month seems to have just disapeared, and earlier this week I realized that Miss Thing still didn’t have a backpack. Or shoes. So that’s what we spent Friday fixing.

squash onions tomatoes

Some of the items were easy and low-key… Miss Thing’s current clothing tends towards the t-shirt, jeans, and converse shoes mentality… which, while not particularly original is atleast easy… Although we keep having a constant battle of shorts-length. Somehow, I just can’t seem to be convinced that it’s okay for teenagers to wear shorts that are cut about a quarter inch below the crotch. I mean – thats just not okay with me. Call me crazy, but I’d like to see a little more modesty introduced in todays young womens clothes. I mean, I’m not talking Catholic Nun or anything – just jeans that come up a little higher than Showing-off-the-top-of-my-underwear-when-I-bend-over and shorts that come down a little lower than I’ve-Seen-Bathing-suits-that-had-more-fabric. I guess I’m just unreasonable that way.

peaches and strawberries

But we got Miss Thing all taken care of, and mostly ready for school, which is nice. And after I dropped her off at practice I headed out to the DVP Meet & Greet. I used up all the peppers and a few other veggies that I received in this FFTY box making up a lovely veggie dip to take to the M&G that I’ll try to post tomorrow – it turned out really well. This week seemed a little light on veggies, and pretty heavy on fruit, probably because last week they sent me pears and honeydew, both of which are on my exclusion list. :-/

peppers okra cucumber

We’ve definitely hit pepper season though – I’ve been watching the amount of peppers given each week get larger and larger recently. lol – I’m going to really have to start getting creative with them at this rate. We aren’t huge sweet peppers fans – not that we dislike them or anything… just not big fans.

rosemary beets lettuce lavendar

So now for the other half of the weekly update – Kitteh Mews!

Leeroy Close UpJenkins Resting on LeeroyJenkins looking down

We’ve had a pretty good week with the little rascals. We put Leeroy and Jenkins on some meds for the sniffles they were having, and they seem to be doing much better. It’s also looking like we managed to clear up Jenkins’ parasite issue, although we are going to have to do another test to be sure. I’ve also been starting to train them to names, and it seems to be working (so far).

Jenkins on PawsLeeroy Sitting Up

Per our vet’s suggestion, we’ve decided to switch them from the Free-Grazing feeding method to a twice-a-day feeding method. The upside to that is – one, it’s made them waaaaaaay more receptive to the whole learning-their-name-for-treats thing, and two, I know that there will always be atleast two times a day when I can find them! lol! They’re adjusting the change fairly stoically, only being fidgety and whiny when it starts getting close to dinner time. It also works out well with them currently being on meds that have to be taken with food. It’s a lot easier to know when their eating if we have a set feeding schedule.

Leeroy Upside DownJenkins Watching the Bugs

The new feeding schedule has helped with Jenkins, in particular, since strangely enough depriving him of free-range access to food has made him much more affectionate and interested in the peoples. I can’t imagine why that would be. LOL! The biggest downside to the new food schedule is definitely mornings, though. :-| The last few days they’ve been averaging quite an overabundance of affection and energy each and every morning, starting several hours before I’m ready to get up, saying things that roughly translates from Kitteh Speak as “Is it time for food yet? How about now? Now? Maybe Now? How about now?” And because I’m such a kewl, nice person – I’ve been groggily grabbing the kittehs and trying to keep them from waking up Mr. Man (too much atleast), which means I’ve been waking up much earlier than I would probably be inclined towards were it up to me. Stupid Kittehs.

Jenkins Ears Up PawsLeeroy and the Rug Ears Up

But it’s not all bad – and once they settle down a little bit, I’m sure they’ll figure out a way to train me to their liking. Er… I mean – I’ll train them… Yea! Train THEM. <cough> anyways… It’s also supposed to be healthier – they won’t be able to gorge themselves in to becoming big ol’ fat kittehs, sparking a slew of kitteh health problems… Just you know – cross your fingers for me that they’ll figure out that whole morning thing soon? Please? I miss my sleep.

Jenkins looking RightLeeroy and the rug heads down

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