Third Week in August FFTY Box & Kitteh Pics

Third Week in August FFTY Box & Kitteh Pics

I can’t believe it’s the third week of August already… :-/ Seems like Summer has just been flying by entirely too fast. Soon Miss Thing will be going back to school, and we’ll be running running running around all the time again. I enjoy having her home, well – atleast most of the time. Some of the time. Okay, whenever she isn’t being a Teen Twit, which isn’t really anywhere near as often as I would like, but what can you do?

Strawberries and FigsParsley Basil Carrots Lettuce

This week has had me running around a little more than is my usual during the summer. Mr. Man had several days where he needed to be in the City for work shtuff, including a couple of late evenings, and I had a few appointments and other doodads I needed to take care of. All of which left us with a little bit of surplus from last week’s box from FFTY. I’ve been trying to work through it a little bit, I made some simmered fruit sauce that I’m going to use later this week, and a Cucumber Yogurt dip that I’m going to try and post a little bit later on if I get a chance. So far I’ve been hitting my goal of 2-3 posts a week in spite of all the running around so cross your fingers for me. ;-)

Squash TomatoesPotatoes Eggplant onion cucumber peppers

Today promises to be pretty busy and disruptive, too – since I forgot to take my Anti-Crazy pills earlier this week and agreed to let Miss Thing have her Team over for a pool party. We’ve got a gaggle of girls in the house (or perhaps that should be giggle of girls, since that seems to be all we really hear from them most of the time).¬† I don’t imagine it will be too awful, being past the age where I need to entertain them really, thank goodness, but it will still be an adventure.

On the Kitteh side of the weekly update though, I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is – we have NAMES! Yay! In spite of Miss Thing’s protests, we’ve officially named the kittehs. We told her that she had until this morning to come up with a name that we liked, and unfortunately that didn’t happen so may I present ….


Leeroy Grooming


Jenkins looking at you

I know, I know – about time, right? :-) After the Giggle of Girls goes home tomorrow, I’m going to try and start training them to their names… We’ll see how that goes. I’ve never actually bothered with training Kittens to come to a name before, but then I’ve never really had two kittehs at the same time before – and it seems to me that with having two, having them know their names might be a little more important than when you just have one. But it’s all official – I even ordered them name tags and the whole dealio.

Chillin on the CouchLooking Up

So what’s the bad news you ask? Well – we found out earlier this week that Jenkins has a parasite, so we’re working on getting that cleared up. I’m glad that we found out what was going on, because quite frankly the gastrointestinal difficulties he’s had have been atleast as bothersome for us as for him. He’s been on the meds for a couple of days now and we’re already starting to see some improvement, so I think he’s on the mend. I made sure to let my Sister, who was fostering them, know so that she can watch out for the other kittehs she takes care of. Fortunately, Leeroy doesn’t appear to have it. As soon as we’re sure they’re all cleared up and healthy, we’ll finish up their vaccinations and what have you. By the way – I know there are many sites and people who extoll the virtues of adopting from Shelters and rescues, and it’s true – they do rock, and I’m not going to repeat all that here. But I found out another fringe benefit earlier this week when setting up their vet appointment. Some veterinarian clinics will give people who adopt from a shelter or rescue the first exam of their new kittens for free. How cool is that?

Anyhow Рthere is more good news, aside from Jenkins being on the mend and the names, and that is I managed to get exclusive pictures of an EPIC BATTLE fought between  Jenkins the Wise and Leeroy the Swift this morning. Using caution and stealth, I managed to (at no small risk of disrupting the war) snap a great many pictures, to share the story of their unsung heroism. Without further ado, I present the Battle of the Blue Rug (Part the first):

Dueling Kittehs 09Dueling Kittehs 08Dueling Kittehs 07Dueling Kittehs 06Dueling Kittehs 04Dueling Kittehs 05Dueling Kittehs 03Dueling Kittehs 02Dueling Kittehs 01

After the dust has settled, the Warriors realized that they were too well matched and that neither could best the other in fair battle, so they call a truce – so that they may live to fight again another day.


Once the truce had been forged, the two warriors realized that their mutual prowess and strength would serve them well as partners, and that together they might take over the world! So they joined forces, and rested together after their mighty battle.

Snoozing to the RightSnoozing to the Left

Okay, so yes – that it a LOT of kitteh pics, but this was the short list, I swear! There was just so many good ones. :-)

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