Farm Fresh To You Box – Second Week in August

Farm Fresh To You Box – Second Week in August

Weekly update time. It’s been a great week for me – Miss Thing has, for the most part, settled in to her practice routine and has been making strides towards getting along better at home, which is a nice change of pace. It’s a work in progress, but it’s getting there. I also have been busily working on combining all of my email under one umbrella, making the switch to using gmail, which so far is looking to be a vast improvement. Over the next few months I’m planning on deprecating my yahoo email account in favor of gmail, although I imagine it will be a work in progress for some time. I’m a little sad about leaving yahoo email, I’ve used it for ten years, and it’s pretty deeply entrenched, but to be honest, the only reason I’ve used it this long is simply because it was so deeply entrenched, which isn’t really a good enough reason anymore.

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I received my most recent FFTY box on Thursday, and probably would have put this post up earlier, except that on Friday Miss Thing and I went out and got our pamper on with new haircuts and facials, and then Mr. Man and I went out to a lovely dinner at Farmer Brown in San Francisco. (My new absolute favorite place to eat at.) Which left the day pretty much booked. On Saturday, I spent most of the day doing my email migration, which took a little longer to set up than I had initially anticipated. Gmail has such a robust system, that I found it was really easy to tweak out trying to get it just so. Sunday, we went over to a friend of ours house and helped them get their audio/video ban-kai on. They just bought a new stereo system and wanted to hook up 14 (yes, 14!) speakers to it throughout their house, so Mr. Man went over and got them all fixed up – or atleast, fixed up “good enough”.

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We received a boat load of fruit in this week’s box – which I’ll admit, I’m totally loving. Summer fruit is the best fruit, IMHO, although Miss Thing has been begging for the more ‘usual’ treats that we would have in the pre-box days, such as chocolate chip cookies, brownies, etc… in her words she “doesn’t like desserts with fruit”. Yes, I know – she’s nuts. I do think I need to get a little more creative though – I’ve gotten a little lazy lately and have used my handy Cobbler recipe pretty frequently. Which, don’t get me wrong – is Pretty Durn Delish, but it would be cool to mix it up a little bit. :-) Although I did make a bar-cookie recipe the other day with some peaches that turned out pretty good. Unfortunately, it made so much that we had trouble finishing them all. I think next time that would be a better recipe to take to a potluck or something. At any rate, it’s definitely been a busy and productive week.

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Given all the fruit we’ve been receiving, it does make me a little sad that Mr. Man doesn’t like Sweet-Savory dishes. I’ve seen a lot of recipes that call for adding fresh fruit to a salad or making a fruit sauce to serve over meat, but every time I’ve done that in the past I usually get an upturned nose and a ‘could you make this less sweet next time?’ lol. It’s not a big deal, but it definitely forces ya to be a little more creative.

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The kittens are doing okay – I’m making an appointment to take them to the vet later this afternoon. They’ve both settled in and are becoming more friendly, which is great. I meant to make the appointment last week, but unfortunately things got too busy for me to fit it in. But I’ve already set aside some time this week to make sure it gets done, as well as taking in our car for some long-overdue maintenence. We still haven’t been able to come up with good names for the kittens yet – Miss Thing’s top contender is Spike & Angel (ala Buffy the Vampire Slayer), but Mr. Man isn’t too keen on that one. We’ve been watching Voyager together lately, so Seven and Nine is also a Miss Thing favorite (she’s quite enamored with the character Seven on Voyager). I’ve more or less given up on getting them to agree to Groucho and Marx, but now I’m thinking Leeroy and Jenkins (reference here) would be perfect.


Anyways, I’m thinking of including kitteh pictures as a sem-regular part of my weekly update, they’re just so durned cute. Pains in the butt to take pictures of, but durned cute. This morning they did not want to hold still or cooperate for pictures – although I managed to nab a couple of good ones. They’re such little boogers. They’ll be doing something adorable, but if I move to get the camera, they’ll stop and give me this look like “What? We weren’t doing anything.” Punks. So anyways, here you go – some only slightly-out-of-focus kitteh pics.

OMG FEATHERSI caught itBoth Sitting PrettySitting Pretty

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