Kitteh Updates

Kitteh Updates

Yesterday, I bought one of those tracks with a ball stuck inside of it – hoping for the best, since our cat Mystery never really cared for the one I bought her ages ago when she was a kitten. Fortunately, they both seem to enjoy playing with it – the white one in particular. I managed to snag an only-slightly-out-of-focus picture of them on it today. I also managed to get the black one to cooperate for a few pictures. The black one has been very skittish since we brought him home, hiding all the time, and just generally not bonding with the peoples, so we’ve started separating them at night. After a couple of days of being in our bedroom at night, away from the his brother, he’s started developing a little more personality and settling in a little better. We’ll probably keep doing it for a couple more weeks. It’s a little unfortunate that the black one has proven to be so shy and skittish though – it means we’re having to focus more attention on just him, leaving the white with less, even though he’s the more well-adjusted of the two.

I was going to include these pictures in my Cherry Peach Crumb Bars Recipe, but when I saw how much my recipe post was being over-run by kittehs, I decided to split them up in to two posts and just link them. So if you want to see the recipe go here.

MoustacheWhite TreeMoustache on Paws

While I was laying on the floor, getting this picture, the White one decided to come and see what I was up to. I only had a split second to take the next picture, but it came out so adorable. It would probably have been even better if I’d had a fish eye lens, but I don’t have one, even if I’d had time to change lenses…

Close UpLounging on the FloorWalkingMoustache Cocked

Overall, they seem to be settling in well, especially now that they’re both getting some time apart – although the first night we seperated them, the white one decided to tear up the carpet next to the bedroom door. It’s in shreds now. Fortunately, we were planning on replacing the carpet anyways – it’s stained pretty badly from the previous owner of the house. I may need to take them to the vet though – the black one has been sneezing and sniffling, and the family that was fostering them mentioned that they’ve had an outbreak of Kitteh Upper Respiratory Infection. They need to get their rabies shots anyways, so I might as well get them looked at.

Miss Thing isn’t really enjoying the daily Litter-Box Duty, but I told her maybe we’d get one of those Automatic Litter Boxes at some point, like this one. It has some great reviews, but I have to admit to choking a little bit on the $300 price tag. :-| Kittens are expensive. lol I enjoy them, don’t get me wrong – but everytime I get a whiff of litterbox, it makes me miss our cat Mystery and how we had her trained to go to the garage door to be let out so we could keep her litterbox in the garage. In a year or so I’m hoping we’ll be able to move their litterbox to the garage, but I don’t want to do it right now – they’re just too young.

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  1. Those are some really good shots! Nice and clean, I have a hard time getting my cat pics not blurry. Heh, you could put a pet door into the garage and just let them know that that's where the box is now. Who knows, it might work! ;)

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