Belated Updates and FFTY Boxes

Belated Updates and FFTY Boxes

It has been a very, very busy couple of weeks. So busy, in fact that I’ve barely had time to cook – let alone take pictures of everything and post them. Nevermind my way-belated weekly update posts… So I guess you could call this a Most-of-June Update. I covered a lot of what’s been going on lately in the blueberry muffin post, so I won’t recap the same information – but suffice to say that our house guest left today, Miss Thing is away visiting family, and I can (hopefully!) post and update more frequently now. (Top picture is from most recent 6/25 box)

This post is going to be pretty heavy on the pics, and less on the informative, redirect-to-other-recipes posting that is typical of my weekly updates, simply by virtue of the fact that I haven’t been able to post 9/10ths’s of what I’ve made lately. So this batch of pictures is from my June 11th, 2009 FFTY delivery.

peaches bok choy garbanzo apple potatoes onions spinach lettuce basil rosemarypeppers broccoli strawberries blueberries melon tomatoes carrots

A couple of highlights from the 11′th box – I slow-roasted the carrots, and they were the absolute best carrots I’ve ever had – so next time I have a chance, I’m going to do a post about them. The Baby Bok Choy I stuck under the broiler, and it was also delicious. Mr. Man said it was his favorite way to have bok choy now. I stuffed the little peppers with a goat cheese mixture and baked them, but I didn’t measure anything out, so I probably won’t be able to recreate that exactly – but next time I get a bunch of them I’ll give it a go. The melon ended up going south before we could use it. The blueberries ended up in the muffins I mentioned earlier. And let’s see… Most of the fruit ended up as snacks, and the lettuce, naturally ended up as salads. The spinach and tomatoes ended up in a pasta dish, and I smashed the potatoes with a little cream cheese. I think that lonely little apple there is hanging around still, but I think that covered most everything.

This Batch is from my June 18th, 2009 FFTY delivery.

tomatoes lettuceonions garlic parsley carrots nectarines chard and mustard greens potatoes garbanzo beetsplums grapes blueberries peaches cherries strawberries squash and peppers

The only real unsung hero from this batch was probably the Mustard Greens. I had never had them before, and I ended up sauteeing them with some onions, garlic, chopped bacon and a honey-mustard dressing, and they were absolutely divine. They are now my favorite cooking green, and I look forward to receiving them again. The plums I made in to a cobbler, which was also absolutely divine. The squash was used in a quinoa dish, and a pasta. Miss Thing devoured the grapes, and the other fruit were used as snacks, except the blueberries. The blueberries are (surprisingly) still in good shape and sitting in the fridge.

This batch is my current box – I managed to come across an awesome thrift store find recently – a tripod! It’s in reasonable working order (if a little dirty) and sturdy enough to hold my Canon Rebel, so with this batch of pictures, I experimented with taking them in the natural light coming in through the window on the kitchen table, with a low ISO. It made for an interesting set of pictures, but unfortunately, the teak table we have ended up being a little too orangey for me. (The top picture of the page is from this box, too)

We scaled back the box this week, too – since Miss Thing is gone. The next box though, will be very interesting – because when I saw that FFTY was putting Apples(! in July!) and Oranges(! in July!) in this week’s “regular” box, I switched to the “Capay Valley” box, which had fruit more relevant to my interests. Oh! Speaking of the box though – I’ve found another service I’m considering trying out. My friend over at A Mindful Individual, told me about it. The company is called ForageSF, and it’s a CSF – Community Supported FORAGING! All the items they deliver are wild-gathered, including mushrooms and local fish. It sounds pretty awesome. It’s too late for June, and we’re going to be in Boston for their monthly delivery in July, but I’m keenly interesting in seeing what they’re offering in August. However, I’m not so keenly interested in the $25 delivery charge – so we’ll see how it goes. I may give it a go once or twice, but if I like it, and it becomes a regular thing I might try and talk Mr. Man in to driving that day or something, so he can bring it back from San Francisco and save us the $25. For you San Franciscan Readers though, definitely check it out and let me know what you think!

onion broccoli cucumber lettuce and basiloranges blueberries green beans potatoes carrots cornnectarine apricot peaches

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