Bacon and Fava Beans

Bacon and Fava Beans

The last couple of times I’ve made Fava Beans, Mr. Man has told me “It needs Less Cowbell”. Which when translated from geek-speak basically means “Wow, this is really tasty! But I would like there to be a few less flavors for me to try and distinguish. Next time could each flavor to be a little more distinct?” So the other night, I made this little number with most of the fava beans I picked up when I went to the Farmer’s Market last weekend. (I also made a fritatta for breakfast one morning, which I’ll try and post later).

Shelling Fava Beans

Although Fava’s are a little work intensive, I’ve actually found that it’s not a big hardship to prepare them – as long as you are not hoping to get them from pod-to-table after a busy work day. The last few times I’ve made them, I’ve just plopped down in front of the tv with a big bowl and went to town. In that context, they’re super easy. It’s a mindless, repetitive task that you don’t really need to focus a lot of attention on. I can see why people don’t want to bother with them, though. We’ve had them a few times since they first appeared in our FFTY box, and I have to say¬† – when they’re in season, I have a feeling they’re going to be visiting our table fairly often.

First Shelling Fava Beans

I’ve never been much of a legumes fan – about the only beans I used to eat were in chili or something like that, but fresh beans have become a whole ‘nother thing to me. Trying the fresh garbanzos and fresh fava beans, makes me wonder what other legumes I might like in their non-bagged-and-dried forms. They’re not really bean-y. Anyhow, I decided to make this dish as our main dish last night – and with less cowbell (per Mr. Man’s request). It’s simple, but delicious.

Side Bacon and Fava Beans

Miss Thing wasn’t terribly fond of it – which is her usual response to anything new lately. But we’ve been getting along a little better, which is always a good thing, so I didn’t let it bother me. For the picture, I decided to use this cute little ramekin I picked up at goodwill last week. It’s a vintage Glasbake white ramekin, and I managed to nab four of them in perfect condition. Aren’t they cute? I think I’m developing a small-bowl-and-ramekin obsession. Oh well, at $1.00 a pop at Goodwill, I think I can learn to live with this obsession.


  • 2 cups Peeled, blanched Fava Beans
  • 1 small onion (or 1/2 a large); diced
  • 3 cloves Garlic; minced
  • 6 strips of Bacon
  • 1 lime; juiced
  • Kosher Salt to taste


  • Heat a skillet over medium
  • Add the bacon and cook until crispy
  • Set on cloth or paper towel to drain, and then chop coarsely
  • Pour off most of the bacon grease
  • Return pan to heat and add the diced onion
  • Saute until onions are translucent
  • Add the fava beans and garlic
  • Saute until fava beans are warmed through
  • Stir in the lime juice, chopped bacon and kosher salt to taste
  • Serve immediately

Angle Bacon and Fava Beans

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