Farmer’s Market Fun

Farmer’s Market Fun

So I’m a night owl. I love my Saturday morning sleeping-in-time. So unfortunately, I tend to sleep too late to go to the farmer’s market as a general rule. (Which is one of the many reasons why I love my weekly FFTY delivery) Today however, I happened to wake up a little earlier than usual, and decided to grab my camera and mosey on down to take a peak-see at the Pleasant Hill Farmer’s Market.


It was a little colder and windier than I had expected, and of course, I hadn’t grabbed a jacket. But that’s okay, because it was still lots of fun. Of course, the Pleasant Hill farmer’s market doesn’t really hold a candle to the Ferry Plaza farmer’s market in San Francisco, but it sure is a lot closer. One of these days, I’ll have to drag my behind outta bed early enough to trek in to San Francisco, but for now, it was nice to go to my local market.

Garbanzo Beans

Going to the farmer’s market gave me an opportunity to supplement this week’s box with some seasonal fruit that hasn’t quite made it in to the box yet, and let me find something interesting and new to try – fresh Garbanzo beans! I’d never seen fresh garbanzo beans before today, so naturally I had to pick some up to bring home. When I showed them to Mr. Man he was as intrigued as I was, and we opened one up to try raw. Interestingly, they’re sweet and fresh raw, if a little green tasting. I can’t wait to see how they taste cooked.

Raspberry Cartons nectarines Peaches Tomatoes

There were only a couple of stalls selling organic produce, unfortunately – so my choices were a little limited. I never used to be too concerned about organic vs. non-organic, and lately I’ve been trying to focus mostly on local and letting organic kind of sort itself out. But ever since coming across this article and this list on which produce items tend to contain the most pesticides, I’ve been a little more cautious about some things. Mr. Man tends to do a little eyeroll when discussing organic produce – he’s a little bit of a science geek (in addition to his normal geekiness) so he tends to get hung up on the whole actual definition of “organic” versus the (now) common usage. If I didn’t think it was a little cute, I’d probably try to make an effort to call it “chemical pesticide free produce” or something long and tongue-twisty like that. So here’s what I got:

One Bunch of very pretty and smelly (in a good way) pea shoots flowers that I put in a vase in the garden window

Pea Flowers

One pound of Cherries (that sadly, did not survive very long – Miss Thing and I devoured them soon after their arrival at the house)

Detail Cherries

Four Peaches and and Five Nectarines

peaches and nectarines

One bunch of Green Onions and some G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S long stemmed Basil

Basil and Green Onions

Three little cartons of Raspberries


One Pound of Romain Lettuce and five Tomatoes

lettuce and tomatoes

Three pints of Strawberries

Detail - Strawberries

A couple of pounds of Fava Beans

Fava Beans

And a couple of pounds of the Fresh Garbanzo Beans

Detail Garbanzo Beans

Now – I’m off to shell some beans! :-)

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  1. I enjoyed your lovely post about the Pleasant Hill market. Thanks for incorporating your post with beautiful photos! WOW. It's amazing how produce can be stunning when photographed.

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  4. <blush> Thanks! The morning light really helped – it was a gorgeous lighting, perfect for pictures.

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