Wheat Bread

Wheat Bread

Yesterday, the sun finally came out after many days of rain and I finally felt like I could dry off for a little while. In celebration, I ran some errands I’d been putting off during the rain – including a trip to Costco. While I was there, I was sorely tempted by their bakery’s whole wheat bread and their Ciabatta Rolls. However, I resisted – I have a bowl full of starter sitting on the window sill, fermenting and plenty of flour and other baking needs. Later this week I think I’ll try making some sourdough or maybe try my hand at Ciabbatta. Unfortunately, both sourdough and Ciabatta breads are both a fairly time intensive process (overnight or more rise times). So for a lazy afternoon bread, this recipe is my go-to workhorse. It’s an infinitely tweakable basic recipe. I used this same recipe back many moons ago when I was Vegan with Soy Milk, and it worked lovely. In my opinion, using 1/2 White Flour and 1/2 Whole Wheat gave it a perfect balance of taste, texture and rise, but you can use all white – or if you like a very dense bread, all wheat.


  • 1/2 Sour Cream
  • 3 tbls Brown Sugar
  • 2 tsps Salt
  • 3 Tbls Butter
  • 1 tbls Buttermilk
  • 4 and 1/2 tsps Active Dry Yeast (or two packets)
  • 1 and 1/2 cups warm water (105°-115° F)
  • 1 and 1/2 cups Whole Wheat Flour
  • 1/4 Cup Milled Flax Seed
  • 1/4 Cup Wheat Bran
  • 2-4 cups Unbleached Flour


  • In a small saucepan, melt together the Sour Cream, Sugar, salt and Butter until combined. Remove from heat and allow to cool.
  • In a small bowl, stir together the Whole Wheat Flour, flax seed and Bran.
  • Pour Water in to Stand Mixer Bowl and add yeast. Allow to sit for a couple of minutes.
  • Add the Cream Mixture, the whole wheat mixture, and one cup of the unbleached flour
  • Begin Kneading with Dough Hook
  • Add Flour in intervals until dough clings to hook, cleans the side of the bowl, and is no longer “sticky”.
  • Shape dough in to a round ball and transfer to an oiled bowl, turning to coat top.
  • Cover dough and allow to rise in a warm place for an hour
  • Punch Down Dough.
  • Divide dough in to two portions.
  • Roll Each Portion out in to a rectangle about 1/2 an inch thick.
  • Roll the rectangle of dough up in to a roll, pinching ends together and tucking underneath to form a loaf shape
  • Place in to an Oiled Bread Pan
  • Repeat for second portion of dough
  • Cover Both Pans with a cloth and place in a warm place to rise for an hour
  • Bake at 400° for 30 Minutes.
  • Remove from Pans immediately and cool on wire racks.

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