A Kitchen update in Pictures

Because I’m too tired/busy to do a commentary… :-P

Floor Leveling Compound - Not-fun-stuff. Don Troweling The Tools that Could Don Troweling Scooop of the Floor Leveling Compound Don Troweling Heavy Trowel of the Leveling Compound Mid-Process Leveling the underlayment Moisture Barrier installed Unboxing the Cabinets Unboxing the Cabinets Close up of cabinet Full Extension baby! All the cabinets, now in Kitchen! My Gas Stovetop! Ge Cafe The Oven of my GE Cafe Sink Cabinet Installed Ledger for Cabinets Leveling the ledger Leveling the Right Wall Cabinet Right Wall Cabinet Don Screwing Around Leveling the Right Wall Cabinet Left Wall Cabinet HUNG! Don Hanging Around Wall Cabinets, installed! Stove Wall Cabinets, installed! Thanksgiving Dinner

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