Yet another Kitchen Update

We’ve been making some (very!) visible progress the last couple of weeks, yay! With the colors chosen – we were able to go ahead and start painting – which is exactly what we did. I am so excited about getting the rest of the house painted now, seeing how well this color turned out. Here’s a pic! :-)
It's TEAL! :-)

Isn’t it beautiful? We’ve also started hanging the range hood. We would have finished it, but unfortunately, there’s a design flaw in the chimney cover – so we had to call warranty/service to come out to fix it. Our ceilings are low, only 8′ high – so we have the chimney set to the shortest setting. Well – Kitchenaid, in their infinite wisdom, set up the chimney cover in four pieces. Two smaller pieces, that you attach near the top, cutting to fit, and two larger pieces that slide up over that. Unfortunately, at the shortest setting – there’s no space for the smaller chimney cover – in fact it’s EXACTLY the perfect amount for the two larger pieces. Except that you can’t get them to connect on without being able to slide them. :-| Which is totally stupid. But here’s a pic of the (nearly) installed hood.
Island Hood

In process right now is using floor patch to smooth and level the underlayment – and then we’ll be putting moisture barrier down, at which point we will finally finally finally be able to hang cabinets (I hope). Once the cabinets are in place, we’ll be in the home stretch – the floor should be easy to do since we decided against going with tile – we are instead going with a floating linoleum (not vinyl!) “click” floor. It was a tough decision, and one we talked about at length. There were quite a few reasons – the first of which was that I started really thinking about how comfortable hard ceramic or stone tiles would be to stand on for long periods. With Linoleum being a green product and being resilient to boot; I was pretty sold on the idea early on. Mr. Man was more hesitant – but when we discovered that the span between our floor joists were 48″ and would require extra support in order to prevent deflection (and subsequent breakage) of tile, I got him to consider it, and when he had a chance to walk on some linoleum and see how comfortable it was and how it looked, he became more amenable. The kicker was when we got a steal of a deal on linoleum click-together style floating floor tiles. At the price we got it for – if we install it and decide after a year or two that we want something different, we can totally justify it, so I’m pretty happy about it. We’re also going to install a 1/4″ cork underlayment to go under it – which will help with standing comfort and reduce some of that clicky noise associated with walking floating floors. Here’s a sample pic of the flooring we chose:

We’ve also decided to go with Soapstone over Granite counters. We both love the matte look of soapstone, and we’ll be able to save a lot of money by installing it ourselves – since Soapstone is one of the few natural stone counter top materials that can be installed by the diy’er. It’s also easier to take care of and more resistant to stains than, for instance, honed Granite – which has a similar matte look. It’s softer than granite, which does mean it will scratch a little easier – but fixing scratches doesn’t require having a proffessional come out. You just buff it out with a little bit of sand paper and then wipe it down with mineral oil. Easy-peasy.

The Backsplash still hasn’t been completely figured out – but I think in the scheme of things – that doesn’t have to be done right away. I wouldn’t want to do it before we put the counter in anyways, so we might as well wait and see what that looks like before bothering with figuring out the tile.

Anyhow – in all this mad rush of getting stuff done, we did manage to finally complete one small project – and that is the hall closet. We painted it the same color we’re going to paint the hall way – and then I used the paint from a sample can of blue paint that we were considering for the kitchen/living room (but didn’t end up liking enough for that) to paint the shelves with. It really makes the closet look nice, imho. The network is all hooked up there, as well – with our patch panel and router and everything up and out of sight. That work had actually been done for a while – Mr. Man networked the house with CAT 6 soon after we moved in; so every room has internet – which is totally hawt. It was hard to get a good picture, given the small amount of space I could work with – but this will give you some idea.
Coat Closet

Anyhow, I think that is everything we’ve done recently. Not too shabby, eh? :-)

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