Why I’m voting No on CA Proposition 4.

I’m not pro-abortion. As Obama said in the last debate, No one is pro-abortion. I believe in education and prevention. I also believe that no one can understand all the ramifications of a woman considering an abortion, except the woman considering one – and while even she may question her judgment later, everyone needs to make a decision thats right for them at the time.

I have a daughter. She’s almost a teen. And if, Gods forbid, she ever became pregnant while underage – I believe that she would talk to me, and that we could work out a solution together. But I know that I’m a lucky parent. A parent who is able to have a close and meaningful conversation with my daughter. However, if we weren’t able to talk – if we had a strained relationship, in which she felt like she couldn’t talk to me about being pregnant – I believe she should be safe, should she choose to have an abortion without my help or input. I don’t want her going to a back-alley butcher because she’s too afraid to talk to me.

So for all those teens out there, who can’t vote for yourself. I will be voting for you. I will be voting No on Prop 4. Abortion should be a last resort, definitely – education and prevention are paramount to ensuring that it remains a last resort – but it should be safe and available to those who need it. There is no need to return to the age of coat hangars in the dark, of fear and babies abandoned in dumpsters, of babies being born without proper pre-natal care, because their young mother didn’t know what to do.

Yes, pregnant teens should talk to their parents, but we can’t legislate that. Protect teens. Friends in California – Please Vote No on Prop 4.

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