Kitchen Remodel Update

It’s been a while since my last update – mostly because I’ve been too busy DOING the work to POST about it. lol. We’ve managed to accomplish a lot and it’s FINALLY starting to look like the end might be in sight. Here are some pics of what we’ve been up to.

First, we passed our gas and wiring inspection, yay! Then we put in a new plywood subfloor and installed new insulation in the walls.

New Insulation

By the way – I hate working with insulation. It was really, really not fun. But we got it up, and it really does help keep the temperature regulated – we can actually use the heater now, yay!

Here’s Don going up in to the attic to fix the attic insulation:

Mr. (handy) Man prepping for Attic Excursion

After insulation, we hung new sheetrock. Here’s a pic of our new sheetrock hung on the ceiling, and our recessed LED lights temporarily installed.

Ceiling with hawt new LED lights

After we hung (most) of the sheetrock, we hired a company to come in and do the taping/texturing. Here’s some pics of the work in progress:

Taping New Ceiling!

Here’s the completed taping/texturing (still drying). They did a pretty good job matching the texture to the old texture that was in the rest of the house. There are some things I’m not keen about that they did – but overall they did a pretty good job.

New kitchen texture (Skip Trowel)

This picture was actually taken before they did the texture – but it was when we took the plastic dust shield we’d had up to finally get a glimpse of how it’s going to look when completed. I’m so glad we decided to take down that wall. It’s going to be an amazing space.

The Plastic Comes Down

If you can believe it though – in all this time that we’ve been working on the kitchen, we STILL hadn’t been able to decide .. colors. Part of the problem was, of course, that everytime I tried to talk color, poor Mr. Man’s eyes would roll back in his sockets and he’d begin to twitch. I finally managed to nail him down and get him looking at paint swatches, but I have the feeling he was a little bit confused about how the process was supposed to work.

Paint Selection

We finally decided .. colors – thank goodness. All colors are from Benjamin Moore, and we decided to shell out the extra $$$ for the Aura line paints, which are supposed to be low VOC and scrubbable at any finish.

Kitchen: Ash Blue
Living Room: Greenbrier Beige
Accent Wall: Naples Blue
Entry Way: Cranberry Cocktail
Hall: Sandy White


With color choices in place, we started priming the fresh drywall.

Post Priming Don

We’re just about ready to put the new ceiling paint on – probably be doing that tonight. It’s coming along, yay!

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