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Kitchen Remodel Update

It’s been a while since my last update – mostly because I’ve been too busy DOING the work to POST about it. lol. We’ve managed to accomplish a lot and it’s FINALLY starting to look like the end might be in sight. Here are some pics of what we’ve been up to. First, we passed [...]

Why I’m voting No on CA Proposition 4.

I’m not pro-abortion. As Obama said in the last debate, No one is pro-abortion. I believe in education and prevention. I also believe that no one can understand all the ramifications of a woman considering an abortion, except the woman considering one – and while even she may question her judgment later, everyone needs to [...]

The Palin Debate Flow Chart

Saw this on The Atlantic – Daily Dish and thought it was pretty funny.

Biden/Palin Debate Drinking Game

Every time anyone says “Maverick”. Drink. Every time anyone says “here’s the bottom line”. Drink. Every time anyone uses a colloquialism for the middle class*, Drink.           *Such as (but not limited to) Soccer mom, Joe sixpack Anytime someone speaks in absolutes (Right, Evil, etc…) Drink. Okay – so – I know this is heavy [...]

OSSM Thrift Store find! YAY!

Mr. Man left work a little late today, so I had a little bit of down-time between dropping munchkin off at practice and going to pick him up. At first I figured I’d meander over to the station to pick him up, but then I got this feeling that I really should stop in Goodwill [...]