Another Kitchen Update, huzzah!

So it’s been a busy week or so at Casa de Del. We finally decided to go with a plumber to get the gas line installed, and so far, it seems like they did a pretty good job – although we’ll see for sure after the inspection. ;-) Reserving judgment until then.

Here’s the end result; a shiny new gas range hookup! ;-)

Range hookup

And here’s the new pipe coming out of the service:

Gas Service New Pipe

While we were at it, we went ahead and had them install an Earthquake Shut-off valve, whichwe wanted anyways, but is also required by code. ;-)

Earthquake Shutoff

Also, the best place for them to come back down the garage wall and shoot underneath the floor just happened to be right by the dryer, where we currently have an electric dryer, so we went ahead and had them set up a T so that sometime in the future if we decide we want a gas dryer, we have it all ready.

Future Gas Dryer

As if all that wasn’t enough, Mr. Man has been busily working on the wiring, getting new kitchen wiring run over to the new service panel, and setting the stage to turn our old circuit panel in to a Junction Box. Here’s the old panel:

Old Box

And here’s the shiny new one! :-)

Shiny New Box

We’re hoping to have our inspection SOON, and then it will be time for Drywall and laying down new subfloor in the kitchen, and then (yay!) cabinets and appliances! :-) :-) :-) We still haven’t completely decided on a color pallet. We’re leaning towards a Blue-blue/green in the living room and then something in the neutral range of green for the kitchen (maybe an olive-y green?) Which we really should try and figure out soon – but until our new living room rug arrives and I see it in the room, it’s kind of hard to gauge.

I also still need to figure out what kind of tile we want for the floor and backsplash. I’m still trying to talk Mr. Man in to a nice slate floor, but he doesn’t really like the slate I picked out, which has been a bit of a stumbling block. I think I’ve narrowed the backsplash down to two choices, although it depends on cost, since I’m not quite sure how much they’ll be, and I may decide that frugality is better than cool and just get some tiles from the big orange box store. But these are probably my top two choices right now. The first pic is from AJI Tiles. The tiles are Stainless Steel, with a brushed finish. They would reflect the light well and fit in with the stainless steel appliances.

My second top choice is from Tetris Tiles. These tiles are fun and a little bit geeky (like me!) without being too niche or obvious. Plus, they can be customized in to a color pallette of our choice. I’m waiting to hear back from the tetris people with a quote, but here’s a pic from their site:

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