Grrr… Placement testing and Middle Schools

Sooooo incredibly frustrated today (and yesterday too, actually).

So; when my daughter and I went to her school to pick up her schedule prior to school beginning, we were a tad dismayed that they didn’t have her schedule ready. Especially considering there were only a few days until school started to get it sorted out. Okay, fine. Whatever. We talk with the scheduling coordinator, and get electives chose and whatnot and then we have to decide on a Math class.

Algebra or Pre-Algebra. Hmm. DD has always been excellent at Math, and had the added benefit of some extra algebra tutoring during the summer. I hem a little bit and ask the coordinator what she thinks. She says that it’s better to place in Pre-Algebra, and then move up to Algebra than the reverse. From my point of view, it’s ass-backwards, because I would think it’d be easier to move back to a lower class than move up to a higher class. So we go back and forth for a little while, and finally the coordinator says “Well, they do assessments at the beginning of the year, so if we place her in the Pre-Algebra class and her teacher thinks she can move up, it’d be easier from a scheduling standpoint, because there are more students in Pre-Algebra than in Algebra.”

Ugh. Kill me with scheduling rhetoric. Fine, I accede with grace to her being placed in Pre-Algebra, and wait for results back of the assessment.

and wait…
and wait….

and in the mean time, DD is getting homework that she’s bored with and saying it’s too easy. :-| So I give up and after nearly three weeks of school, I send an email to her math teacher asking about the results of the assessments and whether DD should be moving up.

And what I got was essentially a blank look and “Assessments? We don’t do assessments.” That noise you hear? Yeah, that was my head exploding under the pressure of trying to be nice while pushing back a desire to throttle this woman. “Excuse me? I was told there would be assessments – in fact I specifically REQUESTED assessment for her, based on the fact that we weren’t sure which class she should go in to.”

Teacher: “Well, I really wish you’d talked to me about this sooner.” At this point, I’m imagining picking up one of the Pre-Algebra books and slamming it in to her face repeatedly. Because – *I* was trying to be nice, and let the teachers get settled and do their testing and such, it’s MY fault that she didn’t get in to Algebra? When I was told they would be doing assessments?!?! GRRRRRR!

Squelching my desire towards doing the teacher bodily harm, (I’ll save it for the scheduling coordinator instead) we discuss how we should proceed. DD will be taking a couple of trial classes of Algebra to see if she can catch up, and was given a workbook to try out. It will probably take extra tutoring the next couple of weeks, but I think she can make it. It’s just unfortunate that she’ll have to work harder to catch up at something that she should have already been doing.

I’m still waiting for the Scheduling Coordinator to return my phone call. :-|

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