Pictures of the kitchen

So here they are – as promised! Pictures of the kitchen. So far, we’ve:

A) Tore out the old flooring and cabinets
B) Removed the wall that was between the Kitchen and the Living room
C) Reinforced the joists with sheer walling to offset some of the loss of support
D) Replaced said wall with a half-wall suitable for securing a bar and cabinets to.
E) Took out a lot of freaking drywall
F) Rewired the entire kitchen to bring it up to code
G) Installed our Title-24 compliant (and completely hawt) LED recessed lights.

Left to do:
1) Finish the last little bit of wiring
2) Run a gas line for the stove
3) Install new ossm circuit panel to handle our new kitchen circuits
4) Get electrical/gas inspected
5) Hang new drywall
6) Paint
7) Lay cement board over the sub floor
8) Install Cabinets & appliances
9) Get granite installed
10) lay tile
11) Drink scotch (this can be completed before, during or after each step, and may be repeated as often as neccessary)

Bar wall & more wiring Sink Wall Wiring New Wiring! Our hawt Recessed Lights! Wiring (detail)

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