Moving, Remodeling & Plumbing fun

So – I know – It’s been a long time since my last update. Truth is I have probably had time to blog – just not the energy. We’ve moved in to our house (yay!) Although haven’t really unpacked much (boo!) due to the kitchen work we’re doing. It doesn’t really seem worthwhile to unpack while there is all this dust and construction going on. We decided to do most of the work ourselves, so it’s taking a really long time (sigh). I hate not having a kitchen. Living off the microwave and toaster oven is not my idea of fun.

The good news is, we’re past the demolition phase, and have moved on to new installations, thankfully. The kitchen has been torn back to the studs, rafters and joists – bleh – and we removed the wall between the Living room and the Kitchen and built a pony wall on which we will hang base cabinets and a bar-top. The new wiring is almost done, and our LCD recessed lighting has been mapped out and hung. Mr. Man keeps trying to convince me to remove the closet/pantry thats between the front door, dining room and living room – but I told him if he makes me give up one more iota of storage space that I’ll hang him from the rafters. By his toenails. I’m all for an open floor plan, but seriously – we’ve already lost the space for upper cabinets for between the kitchen and the living room wall.

Cabinets are here, thankfully – and the appliances should be here soon. We just need to get our inspection for the wiring and run the gas line for the range and then we will be able to hang new drywall and start putting in cabinets & appliances.

In the meantime I’ve been working on the kiddo’s room. Currently it’s the best room in the house. We’ve painted and got her new furniture in. I love how well it came out. We did it up in Pink, black and white. The only thing left is to get some artwork hung and clean up the paint that spilled on the carpet. Although the work in that regard has slowed since she started school up this week.

Middle school has definitely been an adventure. Thankfully, she seems to be settling in a bit. The first day was hard, but on the second day she’d managed to network a little bit with some girls from Cheerleading and was feeling a little better about the new school. Definitely a big change from the small K-8 school she was going to though.

Cheerleading is also going well enough. She keeps getting relocated in her position though. First as a base, then as a front, and so on and so forth. I hope they get it figured out before games start. There was a bit of a hiccup in the first couple of weeks when she injured her arm and couldn’t be a base, and the other girls thought she was lying – oh to be a pre-teen girl again when everything is life or death. But it seems to have been smoothed over now and everyone is getting along again.

She’s also taking some extra gymnastics classes – to get her back handspring down. She’s not thrilled with that, mostly because of the time suck – but we’ve explained to her multiple times that now is the best time to get this skill down. Before school starts up in to high gear, before it’s been too long since she’s quite gymnastics, etc… Hopefully she’ll get it down quickly.

I’ve also been learning how to take care of our pool. So – remember when I said I was excited about the pool? Yeah – uhm. Pools are a lot of work. :-| We’ve had algae problems and discovered that somewhere we have an air leak in the line. It’s getting better, although we still haven’t fixed the leak yet. It’s been slid to the bottom of Mr. Man’s honey-do list. Although those problems don’t hold a candle to our current problem.

We’ve been having problems with our plumbing backing up. Our home warranty covered someone coming out to snake the line – however, when they came out they discovered mud in the line – which generally means that there’s damage to the pipe. Discussion with the home warranty people made us aware that they only cover the plumbing underneath the house, not the pipe from the house to the main city line. So we’ve made a claim with our home owner’s insurance and are crossing our fingers that it will be covered. If the damage is determined to be the result of wear and tear, it won’t be covered and we’ll be looking at anywhere from 5 to 10K to get a new line installed – which is generally not great news in general, but especially so for someone already in the midst of a major remodel.

Cross your fingers for us.

I’ll try to post some pictures of kiddles room and the demo’d kitchen a little bit later and will try to update a little more often.

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