Short sales aren’t.

Aren’t short, that is. Meh. So we haven’t heard back from the bank yet, and it’s been over two weeks, which was the amount of time we gave for the offer to expire. So while we may still hear from them, we’ve decided to proceed with the house hunt.

Thankfully, it looks like we may have found a place, and we’re going to be submitting the offer tomorrow afternoon, once we’ve reviewed and signed all the paperwork. This house isn’t quite as spacious as the short sale house, but it has other perks. ;-) For one, it’s not a short sale, which I think is probably the biggest perk of zem all. Here’s the list:

The Good:

  • POOL! :-)
  • 1500 sq ft
  • Partial Mountain View
  • Quiet, dead-end street.
  • Good Schools
  • POOL!
  • 9,750 Sq Ft Lot
  • Hardwood floors
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Solar Panels
  • Good School district; (Mostly, see bad’s)
  • Did I mention the pool? POOL!

The Bad:

  • Mr. Man will be commuting 40+ minutes each way. :-(
  • Kitchen is srsly in need of upgrading.
  • Kitchen lacks a gas stove.
  • Pool. (The downside of having a pool is having to maintain/clean said pool)
  • School district has some weirdness for High School of choice. Will hopefully not be concerning, but won’t really know for sure until the year that Munchkin enrolls.
  • A fair amount of (mostly) minor things around the house need sprucing/updating.

Overall though, the good definitely outweighs the bad. There are more pictures on my flickr photostream (click the picture), but apparently flickr slideshow and myspace blog won’t play nice together. Atleast, not easily. I’ll have to research it and figure it out soon, since I’ve decided to stick mostly with flickr. Photobucket is all well and good, but it apparently doesn’t play nice with firefox. And if I have to choose between firefox and photobucket, well… sorry photobucket. Wish us luck on the house! :-)

The House When We Toured it

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