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My daughter has a birthday coming up in a few months…

And I’m thinking of trying to get her a dress made like this: (I know, excuse the lame drawing… you get the idea…) I’m thinking a vintage-50′s-swing style dress. Something suitable for a growing young lady (re: Modest!), but also fun enough that she’d feel hip and cool in it. I have to learn to [...]


 I was over at Trader Joe’s the other day just before they opened, and got a little chuckle out of this. Thought I would share.

Real Estate Agents are Lazy (and I hate them) part deux

So I went and viewed some houses yesterday. There may actually be a possibility in the ones I looked at. Let’s sum them up shall we? The Smallish Nice One The first property was nice, but at 1434 sq ft, it’s a little under our goal of 1500 sq ft. It had a pool, a [...]

Real Estate Agents are Lazy (and I hate them)

ARGH!!!1!!1! So we’re trying to buy a house. We’ve been looking for a while, but kinda took a break over the holidays, and now I’m trying to get started on viewing properties again. Which of course, reminds me of all the reasons why I hate setting up these appointments. I’m trying to make Thursday ‘House [...]

My Valentines Day

Because we were so busy on Valentines day helping our daughter with last minute Science Fair project stuff, we didn’t end up being able to celebrate on Valentines day. However, Don more than made up for it by planning an extraordinary evening out on Saturday. We head out at around 5:00, which at first, I [...]

Pretty Flowers

So I was driving to go grab some coffee while waiting for my kiddo, when what do I happen to see by the side of the road in Golden Gate Park but this absolutely gorgeous flowering tree. Well, of course I had to stop and snap off a couple of pictures of it. Now, I [...]

Del Goes to South Park!

  Sweeeeeeeeet! A really cute, easy to use interface, if you haven’t, consider checking them out. I took my picture and added a couple of elements to make it a little more ‘me’.  

Lunch at Top of the Mark

After running around all day getting all the supplies that Jessica needed for her Science Project Display board, it was just after noon. Figuring that Don and I had not had lunch together in some time, and given that it was such a clear, gorgeous day, it seemed that it would be a perfect day [...]

Faux Risotto – also known as – Cheesy Rice & Sausage

Dinner tonight was a quickie due to spending all day (and evening) helping my daughter get her Science Project off the ground, since it’s due on Friday. > . < Wouldn’t have been such a big deal since she had a while to work on it… Except that she’s been sick the last week and [...]

My new web 2.0 addiction…

The other night I was hanging out by myself on the computer because I wasn’t quite sleepy yet – when of course I get sucked in to a long conversation with an old friend I hadn’t spoken to in some time. Three or so hours later, I realize that it’s three or four a.m. in [...]